When I think about serving papers, I think Fastpace.  Just as the name implies, Fastpace process servers are fast, determined and above all tenacious; they have never failed me yet.

-Philip Vacco 2510 Monterey Dr. Plainfield, IL 60586 vaccolawoffice.com 815-254-3460

If you want to serve somebody with any document, or even locate somebody who’s gone off the grid, choosing Fastpace Process & Investigations is a no-brainer.  As an attorney who primarily represents landlords in eviction cases, I trust Fastpace to serve even the tenants who seem to make it a job to dodge or evade service.  Fastpace has a one-hundred percent success rate with my cases and they are extremely professional and fast.  I wholly endorse and recommend them.

–Aldo Huitzil, Esq., 312-429-7634